Roulette Systems – Combination Bets – ‘Pivot Method’

Hi everyone – this is roulette frenzy guru coming to you again with another roulette strategy. This one is called the P roll puree. I’M not sure how you pronounce, and I think it’s it’s France, French go away Annette. She keeps popping up there get rid of here using the cosmic casino. What’S going on go away. This is a fast, fast spins one just to show you what no offer please.

I am all good. She wants to give me credits and I take it. That’S there’s something I was gonna. Tell you never take bonuses because in they you have to okay and there to go away.

Yep smiley face bye-bye because because, if you do you’ve got a you got a bit like 30 times what you get. So it’s a it’s a hundred, it’s like. I sorry $ 10, there’s like three hundred three thousand dollars before you can get your money out.

So no, never take bonuses is my advice. Let’S work this turbo on which makes the play a lot faster, cosmic, a personal, very, very nice. They are resistance. We don’t want a system today, okay, the payroll system. This isn’t a system.

I designed it’s been out there on the net. Now, let’s have a look. The way this works is you’re betting, the same amount possibly up to 35 spins I’ll, show you the table and how that works. Basically, how this works is.

We are betting on. We are choosing a casino and a number that comes up in the last 13 spins that that’s come up twice. Then we wait about 13 spins and then we start bidding first, we that on the high-low, the dozens and actually the double double streets, the streets, splits which is two and then the singles. So let’s see here we go. Let’S let lets let’s get started.

No more talk, no ma’am, no more crap. Now, no more bullshit! Let’S go! Let’S see there we go now. It looks like I’m gon na have to put money on here or not money, but there’s this one like. Oh, that’s right, so I got to put just: do it slow this one?

Okay, so we’re looking for a number that comes up to us? Okay, I fast for that. Sometimes I can take a little while it’s a bit of patience. This strategy, so, as you can see, two 3s can come out, came up so 8/10 we’re going to wait till we can’t see the three anymore. If the three comes up again, we’re going to choose a new number to be a pure roll number.

So let’s do these fins and if three doesn’t come up for 13, then I’ll show you how this place your first bit you. So, as you can see, the three is now down: there hasn’t come up for about 13 spins, so we’re going to start betting on the three. So what we’re doing? First of all we’re betting on where the three come up in this area. So it’s obviously the first one.

We do. We don’t do odd and even or black or red in this one. So we start with the high-low. So three is obviously in this one. We started with nine nine eight, so that was a starting balance in this case. Give it a spin, that’s a loss.

Okay. So if we won that one we would have got run back, we lost, so we now have dab it in the dozens. So three is obviously in the first dozen that’s bet in there and spin second dozen.

We didn’t win so now. We have to bet three in the double dozen three spins. Sorry, not through not three. This one has the over this side.

We won okay, so, as you can see, it was 98, so one three there. So this is what you need to decide to do. You can either wait again for a new pyrrole number to come out. So in this case twelve use so wait 13 and go again.

Sometimes it takes a long time. So what I, what you could do, that’s what I do three hasn’t come out. Has it so I’m going to wait till three actually gets hit or close to it, so I’m going to keep betting this same pure roll, okay. So it’s a bit riskier. But again you know three hasn’t come out in a while.

So let’s just try it this way. So I’m gon na try so 101 1000 ones, and you balance. We want again, okay, so one another one, I’m doing it over and over. You shouldn’t really do it over and over and I’m just showing you for an example.

We won again, we lost so we go here, because I want to show you how to do the other bits. Hopefully I don’t win. Okay, now we’re going on the double dozen. It’S annoying this one because it to keep looking so being 3 on the double streets we won, so you won again try new game still waiting for the 3 to be spun out.

We won again start the pyro again, but I’m still using 3. We won again. First, arson, one on the dermal two in the double 3 on the double to one again, that 3 still hasn’t hit, but we’re still going: okay, okay, we’re betting on the street yeah about it. For six one see three or two we came close in, but so we were at 98 to 112, just doing four dollar bets or euro, but we still going to keep going with you with the same key role: okay, we’d, never win! So we’re now onto the split the split for six like I didn’t win the split, which is two numbers now we’re gon na go to single for 17 spins.

Sorry, 18 spins, okay, we weren’t, we weren’t, we weren’t okay, so that was about the fourth or fifth of the singles. So, as you can see we’re opening out inside of 98, what about $ 26 so eventually came up. So that’s a good way to do it.

Keep going to get the payroll number the other ways you can do it are. If you don’t actually get the single number in 18 spins, you can then bet $ 2 double first, another 17 spins and you still come out in profit on that same number. But then again you know you’re getting up there with the bets, because you’ve already you’ve already put up $ 35 and you put another 17 by 2. So another $ 34 see you down $ 69. So that’s that’s one way you could do it.

The other way is if the targeted number hasn’t been hit, then you can restart until it’s fun, which I’ve explained to you. The third way is, after one or two wins and then in the targeted number, the Piro number hasn’t come out. Still, the other way can do. Is you can do a dollar twenty spins on that number followed by another twenty spins, but double the money two dollars and you’d still come out in profit. So that’s that’s a pure a system just remember that really the target just wait a few times and then change your system to another system.

Don’T again don’t stay on the same, keep doing it over and over because eventually you will lose as you can see by the table. Now you can see that some of the wins are on. You only win a dollar and you double your money. It’S still.

It’S double your money, isn’t the sacrificed a bit, but obviously, if you’re seeing spin twenty when you’re betting a dollar on the single, it’s still win sixteen dollars. So it really depends where it’s. What what your profit will be. I mean again we’re not doubling our money.