The Harmon Killebrew Foundation exists to give children the opportunity to share the joy of baseball that fueled Harmon throughout his life.

Harmon Killebrew's Legacy Program

Harmon took great pleasure in helping a number of different charities in his life.  In the more recent past, he wanted to focus on bringing the joy of baseball to all children through the Miracle League chapters and the Twins Community Fund.  In the final months of his life, Harmon identified some projects that defined, for him, the legacy that he wanted to leave with the communities in which he lived and played.  Funds in the Harmon Killebrew Legacy Program will be used to complete the projects that he named as his priorities:

      • Harmon Killebrew Miracle Field in Minnesota
      • Harmon Killebrew Miracle Field in Idaho
      • Harmon Killebrew Miracle field in Washington, DC
      • Harmon Killebrew Scholarship Fund at Payette High School
      • Ensure the Harmon Killebrew Foundation remains active and vital in pursuing Harmon's dreams and carrying on his tradition of giving



Harmond Killebrew Foundation

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